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Simply Said: The best tasting BBQ you ever cooked and the secret time saving formula for preparing your BBQ.

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Our Texas BBQ Rub is the original rub that kicked off TexasBBQRub.com and is still our Number 1 seller.

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  • Money saving tips and ideas
  • Time saving tips in preparing and cooking your BBQ
  • Safe methods for adding flavor to your meat
  • How to prepare a tastier and juicier meat
  • How to add smoke flavor and what wood to use
  • How to add a unique taste for all your meats
  • Tested and proven techniques to add great flavor to any meat you cook

Hi, my name is Bill Cannon. I’ve been on the Food Network and local Houston TV stations over the last nine years telling some of my BBQ tips and secrets. I cook BBQ for thousands of people every year just for the pure leisure of it.

Right Here, Right Now, I’m going to reveal to you more tips and secrets than ever before!!!!

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